Our Products



The Budding Artichoke works with local farms to bring the freshest, local and sustainably raised produce possible. Click on the farm name for more information about the farm.

Baked Goods

Breads, pastries, cookies, and European style treats come from 3 bakeries. One of which specializes in gluten free deserts.


Diary products come from animals that are raised humanely, are never given hormones or antibiotics and are given the freedom to do what animals do best. 


Along with beef, chicken and pork products, The Budding Artichoke offers harder to find meats such as duck, ostrich, rabbit, and occasionally goat. All meats have been locally raised and have never been given hormones or antibiotics. The animals have been raised in environments where they have the freedom to be animals, roaming, scratching, and rooting, just as they should. 

Locally Produced Products

The Budding Artichoke is proud to support other local small businesses by offering product that have been produced locally. 


Locally milled, organic grains are key ingredients to many baked goods.